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A Photographer's Life

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It s not often that a career in photography makes as many twists and turns as it has for Jack Dykinga. Jack began his unique career as a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist. He then worked as a photo editor, and later became a wilderness guide. Today, Jack s work as a landscape photographer is world-renowned. After a near-death experience, Jack formed a new perspective that provided a framework for self examination and a deeper look into why images resonate with a photographer s feelings. As the images displayed in this book progress through the various periods in Jack s life, he describes the influences and events that shaped his changing style and his design sense. With an intense sense of gratitude, he explains the forces that caused his focus to evolve, and he describes the often-subtle changes that define his work. A virtual who s who of editors, writers, and photographers have influenced Jack s photographic journey, which has spanned 50 years. His amassed images form a body of work that is both diverse and profound. From huddled figures in mental institutions, to sweeping landscapes, his images are both disturbing and celebratory. They are touchstones in a life of photography."