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ONE Giraffe (Age: 3+)

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A great PlayMais trial box, with more than 70 PlayMais and colored instructions.

PlayMais®. A Box full of Creativity!

Colorful, 100% biodegradable, and made solely from corn, water, and food coloring. PlayMais® can be shaped, cut and squeezed and offers unlimited creative fun!

PlayMais®, 100% Fun!

Kids love it, and will ask for it again and again.

PlayMais®, 100% Easy!

All you need is a tiny amount of water to make PlayMais stick together. Kids understand how PlayMais works very quickly, and can easily craft wonderful creations that they'll be as proud of as their parents.

PlayMais®, 100% Creativity!

Unlimited crafting possibilities. From simpler 2 dimensional models that can be made by younger kids sticking PlayMais on pre-printed cards, to intricate 3 dimensional models for older kids, PlayMais knows no bounds.

PlayMais®, 100% made in Germany!

Contrary to all global production trends, PlayMais is still developed and manufactured in Germany. Sustainability and being environmental friendly aren't just theories to us at PlayMais. We set the new standards when it comes to intelligent use of our planet’s resources.

PlayMais®, 100% Safe!

Made solely from corn, water, and food coloring PlayMais stands for the highest quality and product safety. Parents love the fact that they know their kids will always be able to play safely with PlayMais.

PlayMais® – Be sure to use the Original!

We want to make sure your kids only have the best - just like you. That's why you should only let your children play with original PlayMais. Only PlayMais can guarantee the highest levels of safety:
We produce it according to the strictest safety standards and tests.

With the health of your kids in mind, we would like to point out that packaging peanuts, even the biodegradable kind, are not meant for the creative hands of children. It should never be used as an alternative. Packaging peanuts do not undergo any safety tests, can be contaminated by impurities, or tainted through contact with other packaging from the shipping process. Which is why we ask you always use the Original!