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The Kahlil Gibran Collection

Достапност: Нема на залиха
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Година на издавање:
1.199,00 ден.

Through his writing, Kalil Gibran provides wisdom, compassion, and a beautiful testimony of life. Combining the romantic language of the poet with the intelligence of a modern scholar, Gibran's stories and parables have a special ability to bring calm and relaxation into our busy lives.

The books included are:The Prophet (1923), Spirits Rebellious (1903)The Broken Wings (1912), A Tear and a Smile (1914)The Madman (1918), The Forerunner (1920)Sand and Foam (1926), Jesus the Son of Man (1928)Lazarus and his Beloved (1929)The Earth Gods (1931), The Wanderer (1932)The Garden of the Prophet (1933))